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Weekender Stash Pack • Combo Package

Weekender Stash Pack • Combo Package

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This package contains all of the essentials that you need at home or on the road.  It is robust enough to completely upgrade your home stash, while it also has the versatility to go with you on a weekend getaway without lugging big items along with you. 

This package boasts the following Premium items - 

• Limited Edition Large Tray with magnetic lid! (500 limit on this design) (10.5" long x 6.5" wide) with a certified and authenticated hologram label indicating your unique number

• One 53mm Mill grind 4 part Grinder with Pour Shelf and Keif Catch

• 5 pack of assorted palm leafs

• Rolling Papers - 32 count exclusive Spiff Society Hemp and French papers

• A pack of assorted Botanical Cones including - Rose, Lotus, Goji Berry, Sage & Cocoa

• One Borosilicate Glass smell proof jar with Bamboo top

• 2 Spliff Society Glass tubes with Cork top (with a palm leaf inside for good measure)

• Velvet carrying bags and stickers and extra packing sticks are included.

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