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Goji Berry Full Flavor • 'Double Dip' • 1-Gram Botanical Cones

Goji Berry Full Flavor • 'Double Dip' • 1-Gram Botanical Cones

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You'll find the Goji Berry Botanical Blunt Cones at the intersection of smooth and delicious. 

This "Double Dip" Goji Berry Cone has a heavy application of the Goji plant that lends a strong, full flavor to compliment the flavor of your herb.

The fine, all-natural raw materials lend themselves to a rich smoking experience featuring a smooth draw and an even burn. Once you get past the vivid color, you find a tasty cone that burns like a champ.

These cones are free of pesticides and any other foreign material to give them a clean, unfettered herbaceous smoke that aligns beautifully with your flower. Plus, they are 109mm long with the crutch, which means it can handle a full gram of flower. Show it off in an exclusive Spliff Society glass tube - pack it and it's ready to smoke.  

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